"In the absence of calcium in the body, there is irritability, nervous tension, inability to relax, tiredness, backache, no, explosiveness, and nervousness in its surroundings. Insufficient calcium is often associated with insomnia. Correctly, the patient should take 2-3 drops of calcium with warm milk before going to sleep, and put another dose on the bedside table and, if it does not, repeat it every hour. During the last week before menstruation, the woman has an increased need for calcium, causing nervous tension, irritability to mental depression. In menstruation, calcium consumption rises even more and its deficiency is usually the cause of menstrual symptoms - pain. If we do not take calcium tablets regularly, we should start taking them a week before menstruation and stop when menstruation ends. If smaller menstrual cramps appear, we take calcium tablets every hour until the cramps stop. During the transition to women, the calcium demand is rising steeply. Its deficiency causes irritability, hot flashes, night sweats, leg cramps, mental depression. Calcium is essential for normal blood clotting. Calcium deficiency leads to tooth decay and demineralization of the bones. Calcium absorption is facilitated by lactose. However, it reduces candies and too much phosphorus, as well as soda or any alkalizing artificial substance, as well as excessive amounts of sucrose. Calcium absorption allows fat. Therefore, infants should not receive skimmed milk, but full milk. If an adult drinks skim milk, he or she should eat some of the fat. Strong stress caused by long-term immobility with diseases also causes severe losses of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients. Long standing people form calcium phosphate type very easily and are susceptible to spontaneous fractures of the vertebrae. With stress, calcium is immediately taken out of the bone, so its loss in urine is great, especially if it is not contained in the diet at all. By contrast, 2.5 g of calcium per day significantly reduced the loss of calcium and phosphorus in the urine. Calcium and magnesium, however, must be in the correct proportions, otherwise the loss of one of them occurs in the urine, and again the conditions for the formation of stones are created.

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