Various minerals and trace elements are vital in particular as so-called " biocatalysts. In large quantities, they are necessary for the proper course of cell metabolism. They are part of enzymes that accelerate the various processes in the body and are also important for muscle function. We use trace elements in a very small amount, and yet their lack is particularly noticeable. Minerals are, for example: Calcium - Calcium, Magnesium - Magnesium, ..
Trace elements include: selenium, zinc, chromium, manganese, boron, iodine, copper, molybdenum, iron, ....
Mineral substances are particularly important for the construction of bones and teeth, proper functioning of the nervous system, good kidney function.

Calmag - Calcium + magnesium (2: 1) - 60 capsules
Calmag Calcium - Calcium + Magnesium (2: 1) in a pack of 60 tablets can improve your health. Suitabl..
CalMag - calcium + magnesium + C + D3 - powder - 150 g
CalMag Calcium Calcium Calcium + Calcium + C + D3 Powder (150 g) can improve your health. Suitable f..
CalMag Lemon - Calcium + Magnesium + C - Powder - 200 g
Nutritional supplements CalMag Lemon - calcium + magnesium + C in powdered form (142 g) with lemon f..
Chromium 200 mcg - 100 kaps.
The important trace elements in the human body can be chrome. For the body it is important. It regul..
Collagen + C + Hyaluronic Acid - 60 Capsules
Nutritional supplements Collagen with 60 capsules contains natural protein collagen, vitamin C and h..
Liquid Multimineral - 240 ml
Minerals in the Liquid Multi-Mineral Liquid Liquid (240 ml) are vitally important along with vitamin..
Magnesium 112g, powder
Magnesium powder (112 g) contains magnesium (magnesium) which has a beneficial effect on the psyche ..
Mineral Potassium 99mg - 100 capsules
Potassium is important in the body of man because it is necessary for many biochemical processes. Th..
Mineral Potassium 99mg - 350 capsules
Potassium is important in the body of man because it is necessary for many biochemical processes. Th..
Minerals and trace elements - Chelates - 100 tablets
Minerals and trace elements in the Minerals + Nutrition + 100 Tablets are vital along with vitamins ..
MSM - organosulfur - 500 mg - 100 capsules
MSM in nutrition supplement MSM - organosulfur with 100 capsules is a substance with strong anti-inf..
Sea salt - 100 tablets
No longer, sea salt is used for its beneficial effects. It has been used in antike for wound healing..
Zinc Forte 25 mg - 60 caps.
Zinc Forte Zinc Citrate with 60 capsules contains zinc. To show the lack of zinc in the body, we may..
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