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Calmag Calcium - Calcium + Magnesium (2: 1) in a pack of 60 tablets can improve your health. Suitable for athletes and non-sportsmen, both men and women. Calcium helps keep bone and teeth in good shape, participates in the functioning of digestive enzymes, contributes to proper blood clotting. Along with magnesium it has a beneficial effect on psyche and muscles. Magnesium also helps maintain a good state of the body and metabolism of energy. It greatly contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion, so it is recommended to use it especially at an overweight.

Public Health Service of the Slovak Republic pursuant to §13 par. 4. g) of Act no. 355/2007 Z.z. agrees to place this nutritional supplement on the market in the Slovak Republic. Decision number: OHVBPKV / 4677/2013 / Ht.

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