Here you will find creams that are shaping, soothing, nourishing, creams for the heels, feet, body and others.
MultiFlex PRO gel - 112 g
High-performance massage gel called MultiFlex GEL (112 g) is used for regular massage, muscle stiffn..
NATURAL Foot Formula - Foot cream - 50 ml
Natural FOOT Formula Cream (50 ml) is a massage cream for painful, overloaded or tired feet. Its ing..
NATURAL HEEL Balm - heel cream - 50 ml
HEEL Balm (50 ml) natural cream is used for dry, hardened, cracked and hard skin (especially on the ..
Naturella Luxury - body cream - 50 ml
Naturella Luxury Body Cream (50 ml) helps regenerate the skin of the whole body and leaves it soft a..
Aloe vera gel - 112 g
The well-known aloe vera plant does not only serve as a nutritional supplement but also has other us..
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