The fight against high cholesterol is good to support vitamins and minerals. Particularly effective in this respect is lecithin, which is able to bind to cholesterol and subsequently dissolve it. It helps to transport fat in the body and dissolves cholesterol deposits already created. Among other things, he is a good helper in reducing weight and optimizing blood pressure. Vitamin E and other products you find here are also important.
Choline and Inozitol - Bitartrate and Inositol - 125 mg + 125 mg - 100 capsules
The Cholin and Inozitol - Bitartrate nutritional supplement and inositol with 100 capsules contain..
Chromium 200 mcg - 100 kaps.
The important trace elements in the human body can be chrome. For the body it is important. It regul..
FIT: Lecithin 500 gel capsules
Fit Nutritional Supplement: Lecithin with 500 gel capsules is known especially for students as it pa..
Lecithin 1200 mg, 60 capsules
The 60-capsule Lecithin Nutritional Supplement is known especially for students as it is involved in..
Magnesium 84g, powder
Magnesium powder (84 g) contains magnesium (magnesium) which has a beneficial effect on the psyche..
Vitamin B - complex - 50 mg - 100 capsules
The B-Complex Balanced B50 nutritional supplement with 100 capsules contains B vitamins that help ..
Vitamin E 200-DL-alpha tocopheryl - 60 capsules
Vitamin E, vitamin E 200 with 60 capsules, has several beneficial effects. In addition to having ant..
Vitamin E 400 IU natural - 400 capsules
 Vitamin E, present in 400 capsules of Vitamin E D-Alpha Tocopheryl, has several beneficial ef..
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