Vitamin D helps calcium absorption, preservation and utilization. It helps to nourish nerves, helps healthy sleep and reduces pain sensitivity. He's little in food. The daily dose would be, for example, covered by eating about 200 eggs. Virtually the only rich source of vitamin D is fish oil. Sunburn occurs in vitreous D grease, but only when the air is not too damp and when we did not wash before and after sunbathing and thus did not wash the skin grease, which is formed by sunbathing of vitamin D, which gradually passes through the skin to of the body of the injection. This grease is even easy to wash with cold water. Therefore, it is not important to sunbathe or to use the mountain sun when it comes down to it immediately. In some medical textbooks, it is still inappropriately written that vitamin D is formed in the skin and not in the skin by ultraviolet rays. It is created on the skin only by the summer sun, but it is also washed quickly with cold water. The only reliable source is fish oil.
Signs of deficiency: Due to vitamin D deficiency, bone fractures are easily broken, and patients often have pains that mistakenly attribute to rheumatism. Vitamin deficiency causes calcium deficiency in the bones. There may also be a muscle cramp. A slight lack of vitamin D causes the following changes in people with irregular teeth, curving teeth, jerking teeth, impaired eyes and dozens of other abnormalities. Vitamin D can only be absorbed into the blood in the presence of fat. The optimal dose of vitamin D is, according to research for adults, between about 2,000 to 5,000 poison. daily. Pills of vitamin D can be absorbed by the body after the age of 12. Fish fat should be in the refrigerator, to be given only after a meal and along with vitamin E. Best with milk. By the age of 1 year, it is enough to take ½ teaspoons of fish fat = 1000 units up to 8 years of whole teaspoon, 2 teaspoons of maturity. 5000 poison. especially when it lacks ultraviolet rays or when it is a woman who is pregnant, breastfeeding or in transit. Heat flashes, night sweats, leg cramps, irritability, nervousness, mental depression are mistaken for transient signs. In fact, they are due to the lack of vitamin D and calcium, whose need is increased in the transition period. Vitamin D also helps against tooth decay, also plays an important role in preventing paradentosis.
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