"By administering 3,000,000 units of vitamin A together with 1g of vitamin C daily for 3 to 6 months in 218 cases of non-operable cancer, it decreased and stopped spreading. In his absence, the eyes are quickly tired, sensitive to light, dazzling, poorly seen at night and prone to eye diseases, infections: barley, conjunctival catarrh, cornea, If someone in the diet receives less than 5,000 poison. vitamin A daily, suffers from conjunctival inflammation and sometimes also degenerates the optic nerve. "

Vitamin A Betacarotene - 25,000 IU - 60 capsules
Nutritional supplement Vitamin A Beta Carotene with 60 capsules contains vitamin A, which is a very ..
Vitamin A&D - 10 000/400 IU - 100 tablets
Nutritional supplement Vitamin A & D - 10,000 / 400 IU with 100 tablets contains vitamin A, whic..
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